Lakota’s exuberance has helped us to move on
Wednesday, Apr 12,2006

Lakota (the puppy formally known as “Tej”) has been bonding quickly to our family. When Lakota first entered our home, we wondered if we had made a wise choice; he bounded throughout the living room, knocking over my three little boys like tiny bowling pins. He learns quickly, however. A gentle soul at heart, Lakota is becoming increasingly gentle with the boys. As a dog who spent his first year of life ignored in a backyard, Lakota is learning the joys of being accepted into our family pack. We have hiked and run and played much together as a family. Lakota even seemed to share a smile with one of my sons as he lay his face upon Lakota’s furry body (see photo).

Even more, Lakota has helped us to accept the recent loss of Sheba, our beloved Shepherd who lost her battle with cancer. Lakota’s exuberance has helped us to move on.

God bless your efforts on behalf of the pups.