Letter From Brodie!
Thursday, Sep 20,2012

I wanted to write and let you know I am having such a great time with my new family. They gave me a new name (Brodie) along with lots of new toys, a new bed and a wee / old sister called Evie. I get to take my mom Amelia to school every day and then go visit my pals at the dog park before having my morning nap. I didn’t know that I even have a big brother Beaux who is a horse! maybe I’ll wait a bit before playing with him – he seems awfully big for now!! Anyway – keep up the great work and I’ll write soon. P.S. please send me a copy of the photo you have on the site so I can pin it up in my crate!

Hugs and slobbers from
Brodie (Formerly Turbo) Baxter