Lexi Finds Her Forever Home
Wednesday, Oct 18,2006

Lexie is settling into her new home. She went right for the toys and her new playmate. instant happy dog. At first, our male (a 2001 rescue dog) wasn’t too sure he wanted another companion but by Sunday evening he settled in with his new pal and other than a little jealousy they are getting along great. Lexie is doing well with the cats but they have never been around a dog that wanted to play with them. She constantly rolling a ball at them to induce them to play. She responds to basic commands and as most shepherds seems to be a fairly quick study. She is learning all of the household boundaries and other than the temptation of the cats food she is picking up every thing quite well. She is also very soft and well behaved on a leash. Thank you all very much for every thing you do to rescue these wonderful animals. We really appreciate all that you do and think you are all very special people. Thank You ! ! ! !