Liam The Lion Hearted
Sunday, Nov 30,2008

I wanted to thank the GSROC for allowing my family the honor of adopting Chance (Liam the lion hearted).We have had him for 2 month’s now and he has adjusted with no problem at all. You would never know this gentle and sweet boy was the victim of countless acts of horrendous torture. The first few days he would not even want to come in the house, let alone the back bedrooms. Now he patrols the house and yard every day,snuggles on the couch with us and sleeps with our 4 year old son in his bed at night. I have never seen a dog LOVE toys so much! He is constantly carrying around a “baby” in his mouth. And who would’ve thought a German Shepherd pup and a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier would be best friends! Again, thank you so much for helping us complete our family. We LOVE and are grateful for our Chance!!!