Little Jetta Is Enjoying Life!
Tuesday, Jul 13,2010

Thought you would like to hear how Jetta has been doing. First, we found out that she is about 7 months old ! The vet said that she is healthy, beautiful and very kind. She has been such a blessing to Oscar and I, we love her so much. She sleeps well in her crate, runs for hours with Oscar, plays well with our friends dogs and chews through every toy we give her. She loves to sleep all day, if we let her, and cuddle all night till bedtime. When we wash our cars she thinks that chasing the hose water is the best game ever! Lots of people tell us she is so well mannered and they like that she doesn’t stray to far from her mom and dad.

We are in the home stretch here before the baby comes, about 5-6 more weeks. We can’t wait for Jetta to give our little boy kisses and sleep with him.

Here are some photos of her life so far. Wrestling with Oscar, sleeping, waiting to lick the PB off the knife and fourth of July pictures. Thanks again, we hope all is well.