Look At Handsome Wolfgang!
Wednesday, Apr 07,2010

I’ve been making videos of Sera and Wolfgang and as soon as I get a chance will upload them and send you all a link. He’s really funny with the snow… he’ll grab his ball and toss it because he wasn’t sure about the snow that covered it! He’s getting to like it more though and licks it and he’s really good about me taking the snow balls out of the bottom of his feet when we come in. It’s been snowing here for at least a week… and supposed to pile up 3-5 more inches tonight – I feel like I’m back in Alaska!! I also took some cute pics of them on the couch together. He usually gets up with me, but when Sera beats him to it, he doesn’t like it, so I move over and he jumps up next to her. Here’s a picture of them both together. His fur has grown back so well – everyone says how shiny and beautiful it is and it’s very silky! There’s one where he’s in full gallop chasing Sera too – they have a great time together!