Lucky Alma!
Saturday, May 15,2010

Alma has been with us for 9 months now. August 8 will be her Adoption Anniversary. She is very settled in and her internal clock for bedtime, get up time, breakfast, dinner and walk time is very consistent now. Last weekend we all (Russ, Alma and me) went to Cayucos. Alma – after first being very afraid of the Ocean water -loved it. She would chase and bite at the waves. She also loved getting to walk on the beach and was pretty well behaved even though there were lots of other dogs around (fortunately mostly on leash). The motel we stayed in was great for a dog and most of the dogs there were big dogs – even better as far as Alma was concerned! And getting to join us for lunch and dinner on the restaurant patios, well that was the way it should be!

I had to run back to a trash can on one of our walks and the picture is Russ and Alma (who created the need for the trashcan run)waiting for me! I just love this photo!!