Lucky Cowboy!
Wednesday, Mar 23,2011

We want to thank you so much for bringing Cowboy into our lives! He is still a little “talker” to other dogs and to “unfamiliar” objects! He barks at the ball and the ring in the pool! It makes me laugh! He is growing by the minute ..he is 30 pounds at 11 weeks. We also found out that Cowboy must have been born within days of losing our precious “Si or Sirius”. It is like Si sent Cowboy to us to fill our days with fun and looking at the world from our 3rd son’s eyes! He is already so anxious to please…he sits pretty much every time, he is getting “down”, and he is really trying at “hi fives”! He is teething so we are constantly correcting him from biting but immediately give him a toy! He realizes he can jump on the couch now and is really loving getting hugs and belly rubs!