Luke And Mindy Act Like Brother And Sister!
Tuesday, Sep 25,2007

Luke and Mindy (AKA George and Pumpkin) have adapted very well to their new home. Mindy felt at home the moment she arrived and Luke went for a swim.

Neither Luke or Mindy knew each other before we adopted them but they took to each other immediately. They sure play hard in the yard every day. Luke has talked Mindy into going swimming, although she does not go all the way into the water like Luke. Luke actually likes to hang out in the spa.

They do act like brother and sister, what one has the other wants but in the end, they still adore each other.

Both Luke and Mindy are really sweet. We have really enjoyed their company and have had quite a few laughs just watching them. Don’t let this picture fool you, they are not as innocent as they look! They do get into their share of mischief. Actually, Mindy is the most mischievous but Luke does have his moments. Luke is still very shy with men but we are working on fixing that. Mindy is not shy at all and really likes to nuzzle everyone.