Luukas And His New BFF
Sunday, Mar 30,2014

As you can tell Luukas and Miikka don’t get along well at all (haha). They are wonderful together and he seems to think that he must sleep as close to her as possible. He seems to know how far he can go with them and does try to push the limits some times. I have had to take both Miikka’s collar and scarf off when home because he takes them right off of her neck over her head. Yes, she’s on her third collar since his arrival. He is a real jokester and a sly little devil. Luukas is healthy now with his final boosters due next week. He responds better to my soft commands than loud
ones. He is so smart but I can tell he really craved affection and God only knows what he went through before we got him. He is my shadow everywhere and must be pressing up against me or lying on my feet if I’m sitting. I love him so much!!! Enough for now but wanted to let you know we’re still here and doing great. Thanks again for having faith in me that he would have a home that really loves him.