Marley, The Professional Greeter
Sunday, Sep 28,2008

Marley is doing very well and enjoying life.

He’s with me right now at work munching on a bone and greeting customers as they come through
the door of the shop.

His favorite activities are chewing on his raw hide bones, going for walks, digging in the grandkids play yard where he’s allowed to) and laying in the cool dirt. We also have a very tall hill in the backyard. He has just started exploring that area. He’s found a couple of shady spots up there to lay and some good broken branches to chew on.

Marley has become fond of my employees. He has to go around the shop and greet each one when he comes to work.

We are enjoying him so much. He has fit into our life style so well. His is a character!

He keeps us laughing with his playful zest for life and those cockide ears!