Max Loves Hugs And Kisses
Thursday, Jun 19,2008

You knew him as Alex. We call him Max! We adopted Max into our family in April. He was one and a half at the time and we understood that he had been with the rescue for six months. He weighed 74 pounds. Wow, I am still shocked that he was there that long because he is the sweetest dog ever. Even though he has grown to 95 pounds already, he thinks that he is a lap dog and he loves hugs and kisses. We have been told by a dog trainer that he would make and excellent therapy dog because of his gentle ways with people. Max joined the ranks with our female Katrina who is five years old. We have had her since she was six weeks old. Max is a very strong dog but Katrina is still in charge. Max’s favorite pastime is going to the dog park. He loves all the dogs and runs the whole time we are there. Thank you to the German Shepherd Rescue for taking care of Max until he chose us on that faithful day in April.