Maximus Says Howdy From The Desert!
Friday, Feb 02,2007

Hope the new year finds everyone doing great! Thought I would share some recent photos of Maximus (F.K.A. “Whiskey”). The first set is from a hike in the mountains less than 5 minutes from our home. Do you like the booties the “kids” are wearing? I bought them to help protect their paws. The cholla cactus likes to drop these little spine covered balls, something you don’t want to step on, ouch! Thought I would also share a couple of photos showing what we get to look at while hiking. The second set was taken in one of the parks in our subdivision. As you can see Max loves to run!

We had Sedona at the vets last Saturday morning for a routine checkup and we decided to take all three “kids” with us so we could go for a walk afterwards. Bob brought Max in to weigh him. I was in one of the exam rooms with Sedona and almost passed out when he told me through the door Max weighed 136lbs! I couldn’t believe he weighed that much! I accused Bob of putting a foot on the scale. Max looks so fit without any excess baggage; he must be hiding it in his big toe. Think the holidays were a little too good for all of us; time to kick up the exercise a notch! 🙂

Take Care!