Maxx has decided he likes to chase bugs…
Wednesday, Mar 08,2006

Hello and thanks to all of you for connecting us with these two wonderful dogs!!  It was so good to meet and talk with you all at Petsmart Saturday.  We are so happy to have these pups in our home, and it’s so gratifying to see them respond to security and love! Maxx starting eating really well yesterday.
Pen has become my shadow, she is so loving!  Maxx has decided he likes to chase bugs in the back yard, and really responds to the sound of Steve’s “authority” voice.  Right now they are resting side by side on the floor here in the den while I am sitting at the computer.   Our cats are living outside right now, and we are carefully introducing them to the dogs and will take our time about it.  Steve just brought our Niko in and let them sniff her, no trouble there. The back yard is exclusively dog territory.
Many thanks to Tom and Catherine for all their concern, and for the information they shared with us about these two beauties.  We’re in awe of the work you all do.  I’ll send pictures soon when Maxx has gained a few pounds!