Meggie 2!!
Monday, Sep 09,2013

First let me say it has been far too long since I have written and sent an update on our Meggie 2. You may remember she was initially named Viviana. Well, she is now officially called MEGGIE 2. We gave her the name of our previous shepherd as she, Meggie, was also so special. She is licensed and micro-chipped and home forever.

Since we have had her, she has evolved into the most loving and cute personality. We now know she absolutely loves the car, whether or not it is moving! We open the window about 80% and out goes her nose. Driving about 30-35 mph is just perfect. If we go a little faster, it is just too much and she retreats. On longer drives, she will hunker down and put her head on the arm rest as a pillow.

She is a lover as she likes hugs and will stand still for me to hold on to her. A tummy rub is just the very best. Her fur has returned to her stomach and covered her undercarriage nicely.

Her personality has evolved and when she wants you to follow her, she will run ahead, look back and swing her head making sure you really are following her. If she wants to ride in the car she will run out to the garage, and wait for you to follow.

We have introduced her to a number of neighbors dogs. One has three and she gets along well with all of them. We had a trainer for a few visits to get her to sit, down, stop, come, wait, leave it, take it, and possibly a few other things I may have forgotten. So, we became friendly with our trainer who has a 1 year old cocker spaniel. We took Meggie over to the trainer’s house and Meggie and he (named: Clancy) had a grand time. Oh, if Meggie got annoyed with Clancy, she would take her front foot and put it on his head and hold him there! She will not let this little wiggle-worm get to her.

So all in all she is doing well. We love her so much. Murray and I thank you for your support and all you have done for Meggie.