Meiko And His Buddy, Neve Are Practicing Their Poses!
Saturday, Dec 01,2012

Although I was raised in Brazil, my german-descent grandfather only had GSD for pets in his ranch. He used to name them “Lobo” (Wolf in Portuguese)..

Fastforward some time and I find myself in the US, looking for a second dog to adopt, but this time I want a GSD (to continue my grandfather’s tradition). It was by accident that I came accross GSROC, but I really think it was fate that brought us our very own little wolf (Meiko, formerly Donovan, definitely looks like one).

He is definitely best buddy with our older lab, and had to pose with her for a practice Holiday photo.. he is extremely sweet and full of energy, still a little clumsy (because he is still a puppy) but a lot of fun to have around..

We are a total success story and I wish I could convince more people to adopt a GSD.. we definitely will do it again!

Happy Holidays!