Merry Christmas From Peaches!
Sunday, Dec 21,2008

As you can see, Omi has had a very busy couple of months. My daughter’s dog, Zoomie, came to stay with us because they were living in Hong Kong for a couple of months. Then my sisters dog, Lupine, joined the duo for another couple of months while in Africa. Needless to say, Omi is becoming very well socialized and both dogs have taught her so much. She now knows how to play with toys; doesn’t have to be crated when we leave the house and has less anxiety, in general. I have even caught her initiating play. She is the sweetest dog and we just love her. You can’t see from the pictures but she has several shaved areas on her back where she had her heartworm treatments. They are growing back nicely without any bumps/pain and she has not had any complications.She can now run 2 miles and will be ready for X-country skiing after Christmas. Have a very happy and merry Christmas!