Saturday, Jul 26,2008

Little Zoey is doing great and I’m so glad I’ve got her AND Mia.

When she first came home, she was kind of stiff, but as the weeks wore on she became more nimble. Believe it or not, she actually jumps from the ground into the side door of the Explorer into a crate. She goes everywhere with me, loves puppy school and puppy social, is very reliable about coming when called even when we go out hiking on trails and is really quick at learning new things. She’s the best behaved dog I’ve ever owned. She’s also great with other dogs and people.

Zoey has down all of the easy dog stuff and is working on swinging to heel, heeling and standing from a distance command She goes to her mat like a champ and was demonstration dog today at school.

However, Mia has become pretty advanced at dog school – Mia swings to heel, heels at a walk fast or slow, sits when I stop, goes down on command while heeling and then heels from a down position, knows all her distance commands although is still sticky on standing from a distance command Her recall isn’t as reliable as Zoey but her “leave it” is very reliable and she’ll come to me right after leaving it.

The two dogs get along great as you can see from the photos. They are almost always that close to each other, too. They sleep out of their crates in the bedroom with me and are almost on top of each other. I can’t think of any time that they have ever fought over anything.

I make sure that they have plenty of play time, but I also make sure that I spend time with each dog separately too so they don’t get tired of each other. This morning Zoey went to dog school and this afternoon Mia came to the office with me and went for a walk on the trail behind the office.

I just wanted you to know that the dogs you adopted to me are doing alright.