Mia (formerly Kayla) Is Well Loved
Thursday, Feb 07,2008

My husband, Garrett, and I are the proud owners of Mia (formerly Kayla). I don’t remember exactly when we brought her home, but it was sometime around September of 2007… she was rescued as a pup with her brothers and sisters. We loved Kayla and Diva the minute we met them. We actually drove up to the foster house with the intentions of going home with Diva… but (as it usually works out) Kayla chose us! Boy, are we thankful.

Fast-forward to the present… We renamed her Mia and she has grown into the most beautiful girl in the world. Of course, we’re a little biased. Honestly, we have never met a dog so well-behaved and loving. At eight months old, Mia is so well-trained and we can’t imagine our lives without her. She gets a walk everyday – we live minutes from a lake, so she loves to walk around the lake and chase ducks with us. She also loves our two cats at home and is friendly to anyone who walks into the door. She’s so well-behaved around other dogs… and is the beauty queen of the dog park. She’s a real protector, too – she’ll let us know if anyone’s on the property and she’ll alert to any slight sound that’s out of the ordinary.

I can’t tell you enough how much we love her. She makes us laugh so much, yet she is so smart and well-behaved. We constantly hear puppy horror stories about dogs who have destroyed belongings, etc…and Mia has never been this way. She loves to please us, roll around on the ground with us, and give us kisses. Sometimes I think she really “knows” what’s going on. She’ll protect the cats and come tell us if they are misbehaving (which is really funny). When I’ve been sick, she’ll come lay her head on me like she feels my pain.

Here’s a recent picture of Mia with her best friend, Wyatt. They’re roughly the same age and they play together in each other’s backyards while the adults are away at work. We call them our “landscape designers”. 🙂 I’ve never seen two dogs love each other so much! There’s also a picture of Mia riding in the car… as a 15 lb. puppy, she used to love to curl up on the floor and ride in the front with us. Now that she’s over 50 lbs… she’s a little too big to do it, but we love that she still tries to squish herself down there!