Micah And Big Sis Venus!
Friday, Jan 18,2013

Micah (formerly Truman) is the most amazing puppy I have ever seen. It usually takes me a few months to fully fall in love with my animals because of their energy and my sensitivities. I love this guy. He’s so good. He already seems to be housebroken. He slept from midnight till 5am. Got up went to the bathroom outside and I figured that was it he was up so I started making my way to the kitchen and he went back into his crate and went to sleep. He is so cute and so good.

Thank you so much. Just trying to find fun puppy things for him to do. Can’t wait till he can fully go out. Venus is just too big for him right now. He can’t play the way she wants him to play.

Just as I wrote this e-mail they started playing a bit together. So cute. Venus loves him. Her tail constantly wags.