Miles And His Sister Are Fabulous Siblings!
Saturday, Jan 26,2013

Miles is doing very well. We had him trained by Vladae (the Russian dog trainer). He’s very obedient and so sweet. He has a big house to play in right now, with a back yard. Lots of places to dig! He just keeps growing, but still has the puppy proportions! His ears are usually down, but when he gets his blood pressure up from running around like a maniac, I think it causes his ears to perk up and they stay straight up until he chills out for a while. They are massive vulcan ears when they are up. It’s very cute. He’s now bigger and heavier than his sister. They are totally inseparable. We go running together, but I can’t take them individually. They have to go together or else they seem not very motivated and want to go home. People comment to us on how well behaved he his, but he also has his crazy moments. He loves running up and down the stairs with his sister. They do this so fast that they are just a blur.

When I am working from home, he has to come up and get a hug or a back rub every 20 minutes. He just loves a good back rub!

He’s very quiet, except when he yawns. He makes a funny, cute noise every time he yawns. It’s like an “Awwwuuuuupppp”. His sister is very different, she talks to us all the time (lots of “mm mmmm”s, happy howls, etc). He has not yet learned these habits from his sister. However, he tends to follow many of her other behaviors.

We think he may have a bit of retriever in him. He loves running after things and bringing them back.