Millie gets her forever home…
Tuesday, Mar 21,2006

Well, the ride home from Orange County went really well. Once we got on the freeway, Millie laid down in the back and went to sleep. She’s already been all over the house and the backyard. We walked her down the 3-4 blocks to Petco to get some food and toys and such, and she did pretty good there too. She was a little timid when we first walked through the automatic doors, but she seemed to enjoy meeting the dogs in the store.

Our three cats were a little bit freaked out when Millie first came in; they went to hide in the bedroom. Once we got back from Petco, the oldest cat-K.C., who is 8, was out in the living room on the couch. Millie started to come up to meet her, but then backed off. She seemed to already know that KC is the house boss. I think they’ll get along just fine.