Mocha (Formerly CeeJay) One Year Update
Thursday, Jun 19,2008

I can’t believe a year has already gone by since GSROC deemed us worthy of Mocha. When we first got her she was very thin and didn’t really know how to play with toys. I’m now happy to report she is 65 pounds of muscle, carries her stuffed bear around all the time, and has a basket of toys that she goes through nightly to pick out the one she wants to play with. She’s even been known to catch a frisbee or two. She is tough on the squeaky toys though because none of them squeak anymore! As you can see from the one picture she and Milo (black cat) are buddies. He gets her to chase him around the house and he plays with her tail. We have started hiding small treats around the house for Mocha to “search” out and Milo helps her by finding some of the treats.

She passed basic obedience with flying colors and we are working on intermediate. She is super smart and really wants to please, but she is so concerned about everything else going on around her, she sometimes loses focus (unless you have chicken, then she doesn’t care about anything else!).

I included a picture of Mocha smiling to all the volunteers at GSROC for working so hard to give her a second chance. She’s a happy, healthy, active, and silly dog. I couldn’t have asked for a better workout partner. Thanks again for all you do.