Mocha (formerly CeeJay) With Her Kitty Friend
Thursday, Jul 05,2007

Mocha is doing great especially considering we’ve had her just a little more than 3 weeks. She and the cats are still figuring things out but overall it’s going pretty well with the 3 of them. She and Milo will play but I have to watch her because she can get a little too excited and forget she’s much bigger than he is. I’ve taken her to school with me and she has hung out in my office while I left to teach without any issues and she has also come to class with me and met my students which has been great for her. She’s also gone to the climbing gym a few times and we found that she doesn’t like the crushed tire on her paws, so this week I took a towel for her and she just stayed there while we were climbing. Everyone at the gym loves her and she did really well with some little kids this week. She loves the kids in the neighborhood and she has sniffed Shadow but hasn’t met him yet. I want her to respond better to her name before introducing her to neighborhood dogs. She even passed her first “therapy” task when we came upon a couple people in wheelchairs and she did just great. She wasn’t nervous at all and stayed there to get her ears scratched even when the woman turned her chair around.