Mochi Chillaxin’ With His Dad!
Saturday, Aug 27,2011

We just wanted to send you an update on Mochi (formerly Quinn). We picked up Mochi from the kennel last Saturday. So, he has had a week to settle in and we’ve had a week to get to know him. Mochi is a japanese dessert made by pounding sweet rice into a sticky, sweet pastry. We decided to rename him Mochi because we assume that he has probably had a tough life up until now (hence pounding the rice) and although this may be the case, he has still turned into something sweet and wonderful…and he’s “sticky” since he follows us everywhere (including the bathroom) 🙂 Mochi has such a wonderful personality. He is loving, playful, protective and extremely smart. He is fantastic at walking on a leash and is friendly to kids and adults. We were walking him by the sheriff’s station last night and they ended up petting him and taking pictures with him—Mochi loved basking in the attention. He even seemed to be posing for the pictures! He has had some separation anxiety (he busted through a window screen to follow us) and he does have some very rough “play” biting issues that we are all trying to work through. In fact, we’re starting obedience training next week! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to give Mochi a home where he will be a cherished family member. We really appreciate the work that the GSROC volunteers do by finding great dogs great homes! We’ve attached a picture of Mochi relaxing with his “Dad” and we’ll keep you updated on his progress.