Mol-Bear Is A Cuddle Muffin!
Friday, Jan 01,2010

This is our little Molly girl. We adopted her from your Rescue Organization about 2 years ago. She is the light and love of our life. We cannot thank you enough for her. She is loving, playful, intuitive, the smartest and most wonderful dog we’ve ever been blessed with. And as you can see, she’s incredibly beautiful. People always ask what breeder we got her from -and of course we say she’s a rescue dog from ‘gsroc’ and there are plenty of wonderful German Shepherds like Molly waiting for loving homes.

Our 26 yr old daughter, Sarah, moved out last year. But often, after a difficult day teaching high school students, she’ll frequently come home to play and cuddle with Molly. She says there is nothing as calming and ‘restorative’ as being with Mol-bear (as she calls her). And we agree.

Molly’s name was ‘Keri’ before we adopted her. Take care and bless you all.