Mollee (aka Maybelline) Finds Her Happy Ending
Tuesday, Dec 19,2006

Here is an update on Maybelline who we are now calling Mollee. The other German Shepherd is Kokee. My oldest granddaughter age 5 comes up with the names for pets.

Mollee gets along well with Kokee and the two granddaughters and only occasionally needs to be reminded not to jump on people, bite and get on the furniture. Mollee is gentle with the small children and is not aggressive when she meets new people.

Mollee likes to travel…when ever I go into the garage she is ready to jump into the truck. We are working with her on leash and there are problems if she just sees another dog even from quite far away. This is compounded by her strength. Even when she is in the truck and sees a dog she gives unfriendly sounding growl. On the other hand she was friendly with Kokee from the first time they met. With some more training she will be an ideal dog.

Mollee likes to sleep near my desk (see attached picture) or out side on the patio deck.

Thanks again!!!!