Mr. Jack Is A Gentleman!
Friday, May 31,2013

Just a quick note to let you know how well Jack is doing. He is an absolute doll in the house. He has been reliably trustworthy inside from the first day. I was able to spend a few days building up my absences from just 10 minutes to a whole work day over the course of a week. He has been great. Oh and how he loves the toys! He has new ones that he loves of course, and he has found and loves the old kong and giant tug toy and of course big squeeky balls. He will play with them for hours, especially if I will toss them, or hide them.

He is not quite perfect outside yet, but it is coming along. I still use a leash in the front yard and we go round and round sniffing, etc. I think he is just a tiny bit better walking past the horses now, but he still has quite a way to go. Gentle Cocoa had a big learning curve on this, too.

I have watched his whole feeding routine, and think that he is not really food aggressive, just motivated to eat as much as he can, as soon as he can. He fears the food being removed, but is not really aggressive at all, over-eager yes. Poor starving 92 pound weakling….

He is a good boy.