Murphy (formerly Tramp) Gets The Lay Of The Land!
Tuesday, Nov 13,2007

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help this weekend. Tramp is doing great. He and Morgan are getting along so well. They play fight in a very similar way which is so funny to watch. His first night, the 2 of them passed out on their big fluffy beds in our living room and didn’t even get up at all until the morning. We took them on a couple walks and they love to give each other kisses while we are walking. They had a grand time in our backyard while we ran a couple of errands. We don’t know which one started it, but they left us multiple piles of dirt haha. We have decided to change his name because he didn’t seem to respond to us saying “Tramp” at all. It was like he had headphones on. So we tried Tank, but that didn’t work either. We thought that he looked like a Murphy and coincidentally he responds to it, so Murphy it is :O). He is a very stubborn boy when it comes to “sit”, but the funny thing is that once you get him to sit, he never moves haha. He is just such a sweetie. We love him so much, and so does Morgan.