My Hero, Ilene
Wednesday, Jun 02,2010

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for ALL that you do. I adopted my Hero, aka Ilene a year ago and we just love each other. You had rescued her; she was hit by a car an abandoned and she needed much care. I have faith in the human race each day I look at her, for what you and everyone that supports the rescue did for her.

Her foster family said they did not know if she would ever be able to run and chase like normal dogs, but I’m here to tell you she has made a 120% recovery. In the last year we have done sheep herding classes, went camping, visited the dog beach, done agility work, played in the snow, had many road trips and just have fun on a daily basis.

I rescued her and she rescued me, and I support what you do 100%. Just wanted to share some photo’s of my Hero