My Name Is Angel
Tuesday, Mar 18,2008

And since we crossed paths at some point in time, I hope you will remember me. I am a blond female German Shepherd. I have some broken canine teeth and also all of my smaller front teeth are missing, top and bottom. I moved into my forever-home with Chuck and Karen in March 2006. Karen gives me lots of massages and scratches my back, which I love. Sometimes, I give her a kiss (usually a lick on the hand). I will be ten years old (approximately) next May, and I expect to live out my years in peace in my comfortable home. I like to sleep/nap on the couch, and I get good food–fresh cooked chicken and liver along with my kibble!

On March 12, 2006 (after Karen and Chuck unfortunately lost their beloved Lancer, and soon after their black Lab, JB) they discovered me on the web page of the OC German Shepherd Rescue, where they were looking for a new ‘senior’. Diane F drove me to my new home. I am an especially good watch dog, so I take very good care of my guardians. I bark loudly, but I have never bitten anyone (not even the gardener). My vet, Dr. Boldrick, says I am the perfect dog! I also go out every morning and get the paper, and I know how to shake ‘hands’, but I can never remember which paw to use!

I just wanted to let you know how you have improved my life and enabled me to end up in a happy home, and for that I thank you so much!