Nik Found A New Beginning
Tuesday, Apr 12,2011

Nik, recently listed on the Private Party adoptions, has a wonderful new home thanks to the efforts of many different people. Here is his story:

Niks’ first 6 months consisted of living in a 4 X 6 foot cage with a sand box to go in. He longed to be with his people but no one had time for him. Left outside to fend for himself he cried for attention. A neighbor saw his plight and heard his cries and she set out to find him a new home.

At 7 months Nik was moved to Riverside where he lived outside with a retired man who soon realized that puppies take a lot of time and energy and he was not able to provide this to Nik. Once again Nik lived outside (even in the cold rains) and was neglected in this new home.

Nik was moved out of that environment to a boarding facility to provide shelter and warmth during the rains thanks to the voice of a volunteer from GSROC who met him. Nik seemed happy to have a roof over his head per the owner of the boarding facility.

Thanks to Teresa of Modjeska Ranch Rescue and GSROC Private Party adoptions his picture and story was sent out to many people. A kind man who loves dogs saw his picture and bio and expressed interest in Nik. The introductions between Nik and this man went well and Nik moved into their home. Trying to integrate an 11 month 110 pound dog who spent most of his life as a neglected outside dog into an indoor home has been quite challenging for this man. Nik never lived in a house before so he has to learn house manners and had to be house broken. He rarely rode in a car so that behavior had to be learned as well.

The first night in his new home Nik, in unfamiliar surroundings, tore up the antique chair in a matter of seconds. He has had his share of accidents in the house but with perseverance, discipline and love Nik is getting used to his new environment. Slowly but surely he is learning from his wise big brother Ty and is beginning to fit in. A huge thanks to this kind man with a big heart for seeing the potential in Nik and taking the time to work with him. This is an astronomic undertaking yet this man is committed and patient.

In the photo of Nik in his new digs, I believe he is finally smiling. Thanks again to all Nik’s “angels” who made this a happy ending.