Nina Found Her Mojo!
Saturday, Jun 20,2009

It’s been 2 1/2 months now since Mojo came to live with Nina and me. Not a very long time, but it seems like he’s been with us forever. In the beginning, I was very fearful that they would have a disagreement and turn on each other. That now seems almost impossible. I never could have imagined how Nina could go from being so dog aggressive, to what she is now with Mojo in such a short time. For his part, he’s a most happy boy. There’s no rivalry between them, and he’s happy to follow her, and me, of course. The only time she shows any sense of ranking ahead of him is at the water bowl after we finish our walk. She insists on having her drink first, then he’s welcome to get his. He accepts this without complaint, and once they’re both watered, they lay down next to each other while we rest and enjoy our surroundings.

At home, things are constantly evolving. From the beginning, Nina liked Mojo, but it was apparent to me that she was a bit “put out” that he was here with us and seemed to be the focus of so much attention. Rather than vying with him for my affection, she spent a lot of time in the back yard pouting while he was in the house with me, but that changed within a matter of weeks and now, both of them are comfortable sharing me, or just hanging out with each other.

All of you probably have more experience with dogs than I do, so all of this may seem like ordinary things to you, but it’s extraordinary to me. I never could have imagined how fulfilling it could be to first bring Nina into my home, then add Mojo to the mix. In this case, having two dogs really is twice as good as having one, but I’m not going to push my luck. Two is enough, at least for now.