No Dogs On The Furniture!
Sunday, Feb 22,2009

So when we first decided to get a GSD we were convinced that one dog would be plenty, We brought Grendel home (upper left corner)and couldn’t be happier. He’s a great looking dog, had manners, walked well on a leash and got along with everyone in the house. We didn’t have many rules but one hard and fast rule “No dogs on the furniture”.
Grendel got lonely during the day as we both work (even though Stef came home every day at lunch) so we decided to look for another GSD. We chose Scarlet from the site and took Gren to an adoption event to meet her. Well they were best buddies almost right away so we adopted her, renamed her Billie and brought her home. (bottom left pic) the rules didn’t change much but still ” No dogs on the furniture”.

A couple of months ago we were at the local shelter scouting a few dogs to bring into the rescue, and as we walked around the corner of the last run we saw, shivering, standing in a pile of poo this tiny little version of Gren, big watery eyes begging to be rescued. (Upper right pic). So we did and named him Frankie. Ok he’s small and cute… but, ” No dogs on the furniture”.

If you look at the bottom right picture, you can see how well the rules are followed at our house! You have to look closely, but Frankie is in stealth mode in the middle.