Odie The Superstar…
Tuesday, Jun 13,2006

We had our 4th training session last night. Caroline says we have now moved into the intermediate level. Odie can heel like a champ, and sits when I stop…consistently. He sits and downs at my side, and because he is my little velcro dog, we have him sitting and downing out in front of me. I can walk completely around him in either position, and he waits for my command.

He had his first taste of hand signals yesterday, and is so smart and intuitive, that he picked it up quickly. He also knows the command HERE, which means he comes and sits right in front of me immediately. No matter what.

We are also working on a moving sit and down, so we are heeling, and I tell him to sit, or down, and he does it as I continue moving forward. He did it 7-8 times last night. For a velcro baby, this is a hard one…

Caroline agrees that Odie will make a wonderful therapy dog, and we are working towards that. I am so happy that he has a job, that will only get bigger. He also let one of the other men trainers heel him last night, and did great.

I cant believe I got another little angel. How lucky can I be?