Ollie Is All Smiles!
Monday, Jul 27,2009

Ollie (formerly Oliver)is like a teenager. He is so smart and full of energy and antics. He loves the dog park! He is just great around the dogs we have met at the Fullerton Park. Little or big he is just teeming with curiosity and play-fullness.

We are still chipping away at his separation anxiety, but he seems to be more comfortable with home and his backyard each day. He has taken to getting into our waste baskets. Even if they are elevated off the floor, his curiosity will not let him relax until he has pulled them to the floor and thoroughly explored their contents. Just one more hurdle we need to overcome. We do not have any food in there. It seems to be a bad habit he acquired in his puppy days.

I am currently reading The Monks of New Skete. Lot’s of great information on dog training. The “discipline section” has been put to use for Ollie’s trash issue. So far it’s Ollie = two – Gary and Janna = zero.

Patience, patience, patience…….

Lot’s of work to do.