One Big Happy Pack!
Sunday, Oct 07,2012

Thanks to Auntie Lois and German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, we are the proud parents of Maximus Decimus Aurelius, Yukon Ontarius Canadiens, Koby LIon Pharoh Ejiptus, Indianus Negrous Lobatus, all named after Roman generals. We want to thank our dear Auntie Lois for all her work in introducing the new arrival to the wolf pack. If it wasn’t for her expert advise and loving dedication, we wouldn’t have been able to have them. She is the best person and her qualifications and expertise in training German Shepherds are remarkably endless. With her advise and love, today Maximus picks up the mail from Uncle Mike the mailman, he helps in taking out the trash to the dumpster, he places the plastic in the recyclable bin, he brings Daddy’s keys to go for a walk and finds anything we hide and tell him to search for. Yukon, sits, lays down, and gives you high fives, Koby (once abused) now sits, lays down and can’t live without his Papa. Indiana catches, retrieves and all know basic comands already, like lay down like a wolf, sit, and stay. Love Alex and Kevin (Daddy and PawPaw)