Our Girl Pal
Tuesday, Sep 11,2007

Pal walks every day with George, sometimes a whole hour and she loves it.

She loves to catch honey bees, I don’t know why she has that hobby. All the dogs we had before Pal tried to catch the rats in the bushes, not ONE could do it but Pal somehow manages to kill them, she is the only one.

I found out how to make her bed comfortable. We take a twin sized egg crate (is that what it is called), fold it in half, put a sheet over it and she has a soft bed. She loves it.

Here is a picture of our Pal (everybody in the neighborhood knows her from the walks. You can hear “Hi Pal” every time. They don’t know George’s name but Pal is well known. There is a little girl who asked George if she could borrow Pal for a year.