Pippin and Sarge (Formerly Dane) Are Doing Just Great!
Saturday, Nov 14,2009

Both have filled out nicely with Sarge now weighing in at 87 pounds and Pippin leveling out at 60. Pippin is still the alpha but Sarge will only accept so much and then he forces her to submit, nothing violent more like a play behavior but the intent is unmistakable.

Pippin is a very loving girl giving kisses to whoever is within reach of her muzzle. She is such a doll! Sarge is still trying to be a lap dog and sometimes he actually accomplishes the task. He loves to play with the boys and chases them around the house nibbling on any piece of clothing or flesh he can reach, Pippin in turn chases him. He is soft mouthed and his play is fun to watch as he wrestles our youngest boy to the ground. They have become loyal and happy members of our family!

Thanks to you and GSROC for trusting us with their care.