Pirate (Formerly Kyle) Is Such A Joy!
Monday, Aug 10,2009

He is doing so well. Fabulous on the housebreaking… he has his special spot in the back and he just runs right out there. He is sleeping on his big purple cushion in our bedroom with Riley right beside him on her gold cushion. In my wildest dreams, I didn’t dare hope for these two dogs to get along as well as they do. They play chase all over the house like a couple of 5-yr-old kids. It’s hysterical. My husband took both dogs to his boat in Dana Point Harbor yesterday, and Pirate just followed Riley’s lead. He has been easy to train because he just does what Riley does. He’s great on a leash already. He likes to steal clothing out of the laundry, which is quite funny. He runs with it to his bed in the family room like treasure, and looks quite pleased with himself. He is great with kids and other dogs, having met many of them up at our neighborhood park. He likes riding around with us in the car and snuggles in with Riley. He’s such a joy to have around. Thanks again for rescuing this wonderful little (not for long) puppy!