Princess Ariel and Lady In Waiting
Monday, Jan 07,2008

Well, from the attached picture, you can see
(princess) Ariel (along with my 7 year old-Princess) is doing quite well and certainly enjoying life as a house dog. Her
initial weight of 62 lbs is now up to 85 lbs and
weekly baths are just another part of the program here at home. We try to leave the gates open and Ariel immediately shuts them to make sure she is going ‘no where’ soon, except back in the house for another nap. Seriously, she loves to be out front (much more excitement than in the backyard) and enjoys any walk–no tugging allowed. More importantly, the neighbors (even the kids) enjoy her very mellow behavior–quite remarkable!

Once again, thank you for all that you do and
providing us with Princess Ariel.