Quick Update From Casey (Formerly Aspen)!
Sunday, Aug 05,2012

A quick update! We have had our little Casey almost a week. After Tally, our shepherd/wolf,coming into our life and home (furniture eaten, leather furniture eaten, oriental rug eaten) I was prepared for quite a challenge. I am happy, no, I am totally delighted to report that our Casey has been a very calm one year old, who appears to be totally house broken, calm, loving, sweet (gives Ken kisses).Loves the Doggy Park and if a dog is aggressive he seems to just move on. It’s all very weird. I can even say he and Tally have bonded as they run up and down the stairs and out the doggy door and back up and down the stairs (all three levels). So it’s just fun, fun, fun so far. What a joy. Thanks to GSROC!