Rachel Is A Delight
Tuesday, Jan 30,2007

Every day gets better and better with Rachel. We had our horse trainer come over who studies animal behavior of horses and dogs. She thought Rachel was a great dog and we worked with her on dealing with the cat. After our session, I am confident that Rachel and Socks (cat) will be able to co-exist…she is still curious about Socks, but she will totally ignore him when we distract her and turn her attentions elsewhere. We are contacting our dog trainer and will have her start working with Rachel (and us) next week. She is such an awesome dog and so responsive to everything. his week, we have had plumbers, painters, contractors, gardeners and friends and neighbors come over (and some of then with their dogs to introduce them to Rachel) and she has been wonderful with all of them. Again, I cannot stress enough what a wonderful, wonderful dog she is! I can’t imagine anyone every giving her up.

I have attached a few pictures… you can see in the first one, Max is afraid of cameras, but before I took the picture they were playing great with the “hot dog”…then Max took off to hide, but Rachel kept playing.