Regards From Buddy
Sunday, Jun 07,2009

Buddy, AKA Jackson is doing great. His health problems are slowly healing. His eyes don’t smell so bad now so the infection must be clearing up now that he’s on better meds. I think that right ear is going to take a while to heal though. He still shakes his head and holds that ear down a bit. His respriratory infection is much better. He goes back for a vet checkup this weekend.

He is a nice gentle dog. He has the best demeanor. Some neighbor girls come and play with him all the time. They just love him. I’m not sure who actually got the dog, me or them! He’s been perfectly behaved with a few visitors we’ve had at the house including the housekeeper and gardener. He does pretty good all day when we are at work. I’ve checked with the neighbors and they say he doesn’t make a peep. There’s been no barking or separation anxiety problems. He’s a little excited when we first get home but then he settles down. He has completely attached himself to my husband Steve.

The only thing he gets excited about is the cat Gracie. He just seems curious, not aggressive. So we are going through a very long and slow introduction period with both of them on leashes to get used to each other. Last night we made it to sniffing noses without any cat hissing. We have been through this process a few times over the years now and were very successful with a dog that was extremely aggressive to cats. It will take time but we will get there. In the meantime, we’ve decided that we will even sleep in different rooms so that each animal has a human with them at night when we can’t keep our eyes on them!

He also just LOVES being in the house after not being in a house much before. He spent the first week experiencing things in the house. He would perk up the first time he heard a new sound like the typing on the keyboard. He watched TV on and off all night the first day when we turned it on. That was funny. He is a great addition to our household and I’m glad we found him. I’ve attached a picture from the day we adopted him when we picked him up.