Reina Loves Her Vet Visits!
Sunday, Aug 17,2014

Reina had her first 1.5 hour session with the pet physical therapist/vet at So. California Vet Specialty Hospital in Irvine. Her treatment consisted of the underwater tread mill, steps, stretching and more. She did very well.

We have booked her for another 7 visits and we will assess whether additional visits are needed after that. The good news is that Dr. Ringwald and her staff believe Reina’s muscles will beef up well before the 7 visits are over. Yipee.

Reina and I have a daily regimen now of stretching, exercising, hill walks, swimming and more. She (and I) will be very busy.

While most dogs hate going to the vet, here’s a picture of Reina in the waiting room. Unbelievable!