Retten Is Terrific!!
Sunday, Aug 12,2012

We are having so much fun. He LOVES the new dog park that is not far from the house. In fact, he loves it so much that he doesn’t want to leave.

He is sooooo smart! He wasn’t housebroken when we got him on Saturday. But he was by Sunday evening. All the books said that is takes 2 weeks to housebreak a dog. Not our Retten. He figured it out right away. He has no problem with the cats. They have a problem with him, but they are slowly coming around. They are finding out that he doesn’t chase them and doesn’t eat their food or play with their toys.

He loves his toys and rawhide bones. He rides so well in the car. He lies down on the back seat after I buckle him in with his harness and the seat belt. He doesn’t move around and on a long ride, he sometimes takes a wee nap.

My Mom is 95 yrs old and Retten loves her and my Mom thinks that he is the smartest and most handsome dog on earth. He instintively knows that my Mom is fragile, so is very careful around her. He stays very still when she pets him so his teeth don’t bruise her arms. When she is walking around, he gives her a wide berth so that he doesn’t hurt her. She has also had German Shepherds all her life, so is familar with the breed. We bring him with us when we go to see her every week to take her on errands. She asks about him when I talk to her every day. She looks forward to hearing what her “furry grandchild” did each day.

He has already made new friends. One of my good friends has a male yellow lab named Tanner that he loves to play with. They play their own version of tag & then take naps together. He has his own “play dates” with Tanner. Retten also makes friends at the dog park. He doesn’t take offense if the another dog isn’t friendly at first. He just smiles and goes about playing & soon the other dog just can’t resist his sunny personality & joins in the fun.

Retten is into decorating. I have a basket of seashells in the bathroom sitting on the counter. Every morning I awake to find seashells littering the floor down the hallway into my bedroom from the bathroom. The shells are spaced out on the carpeting. He doesn’t chew the shells and none of them are cracked or broken. He just likes to decorate.

Everywhere I take Retten, he is admired for his looks and his personality. They can’t believe that someone would have given up/lost a wonderful dog like Retten. I tell everyone about the German Shepherd Rescue Group of Orange County, and the wonderful work that you do.