Rex And Molly On A Hike With Dad!
Monday, Jul 09,2012

We have always loved dogs and had dogs in our home. About two years ago our Doberman died of old age and we were without a dog. Seeing the great need for dogs being euthanized I convinced my husband we should adopt instead of getting a puppy from a breeder. I had been following the work of GSROC ever since an article in the OC Register about a dog that was saved that had been a bait dog in fighting. So in October 2010 we went to an adoption event and fell in love with Banner. He is a very large shepherd mix. When we got him home we could not believe that such a wonderful dog had been in a high kill shelter and could have been killed. Banner (now Rex) is the sweetest, most loveable dog in the world. He truly felt like God had brought us together. So 1 ½ years later I again convinced my husband that Rex needed a friend. This was no easy task since he felt that we should not press our luck and how could again get such a great dog. Well in June we went to another adoption event and brought home Charity (now Molly). We are in love with Molly, she is so full of love and personality. Thank you for the great work that you do. Here is a picture on July 4th as we hike the dogs on the horse trails in Norco.