Richter Is A Bit Camera Shy!
Monday, Oct 25,2010

Richter doesn’t like the camera very much. When he sees it come out the bag he get very shy and won’t let me get a “good angle” on him. He’s just waking up from a nap in this pic so he not very happy about being disturbed! The cat, Miss Greta Garbo and Richter have become good friends. She is the old grand dame of the family and actually allows Ricky to nibble groom her which we have found very surprising as she isn’t typically a very tolerant cat but she “puts up” with this attention from him. I think I may have shared with you that she and Sarah (our other Shepherd) were great friends and used to hang out and just stare into each other’s eyes for long periods. We know those two were having conversations we couldn’t hear. She’s really missed Sarah for a long time, I think she still does, but Ricky seems to be filling the void a little for her. He seems to know that she’s the matron and is a little more calm and gentle with her when he plays with her vs our other two younger cats who he will get very frisky with and they are able to hold their own with him.