Ricky Is Winning Over His Big Sister!
Tuesday, Feb 08,2011

Ricky is settling in nicely to our home. He is very smart and inquisitive and is already establishing some habits. He is following Roxie out of our laundry room door to go “potty”. He sleeps in a crate right next to Roxie in our bedroom and last night he slept from 10:30PM to 5:30AM this morning. The girls each have a clicker and have been working with him in the afternoon. We had to go to goodwill and buy a baby gate (we haven’t needed one for quite sometime!) so he gets used to staying downstairs on his own and then going up for bedtime in his crate. He is a lover and when I came home from work today he dashed across the family room to greet me. Ricky has bonded with the family and he and Roxie laid together on HER pillow for the the first time today.