Ricky Quietly Barks At His Reflection In The Slider!
Wednesday, Mar 09,2011

Ricky is doing great here in our house. He has become a fast friend and important member of our family. He and Roxie get along great and are rarely apart. They sleep side-by-side in their crates and share the pillows in our family room. Ricky is very affectionate and loves getting hugs from all of us. He gets very excited when one of us arrives home, leaves the room and comes back, and every time he sees us. He stretches like a cat and is very flexible! He has already learned to walk down the driveway with me in the morning to fetch the paper. I still have to pick it up and place it in his mouth but he turns and immediately sprints for the front door to the kitchen table. He is extremely smart and very much knows what he is doing, especially when he is mischievous! He does not care for the vacuum, blender, blow dryer and the hose.